Who We Are

Eurasia Consultis is a French company created in 2007 by Yoan Rigart-Lenisa, a young french Entrepreneur, who graduated from a Master degree in International management. Our offices are located in Shanghai downtown. We are specialized to offer dedicated services to companies located outisde of China.

What We Do

We are a consulting company offering Trading and sourcing services. For the trading aspect we offer trandy products as well as particular items (Hydraulic turbine). Regading the sourcing, we help company located outside of China to look for factories here and we make sure that the comply with all the standards. During the production we will be on site to assure that the quality is following the scopes previously defined. We will also make sure that the goods are well loaded in the container and the doors seales properly.

Sourcing & Trading

Strong from our 10 years experience in China, We strive to develop an ongoing relationship between buyers and manufacturing supplier in order to help them expand their international market share. Our services extend to both ends of the spectrum of possible requirements for any manufacturer/exporter, making Eurasia Consultis a one stop shop for all sourcing needs.

Factory Auditing & Quality Control

Chinese culture is vastly different from Western culture in many aspects. Physical presence and personal relationships in China are significantly more important than in Europe or North America. Clients with or without prior procurement experience in the Chinese market will most likely have had their own experiences or have heard about other importers receiving non-satisfactory goods from China. This could be due to the supplier’s lack of experience with Western customers but also, due to insufficient communication between the two parts. Surveying and quality assurance are extremely important aspects to successful purchasing in China.


When deciding on a supplier partner, you need to know who you are dealing with, We can do an on-site audit for you to ensure that the factory you’ve chosen can meet your needs and requirements and allows you to compare several suppliers to find the right one for the job.

Fair Assistance

Exhibiting at a trade show or business expo is a solid part of an effective marketing plan and is the perfect way to deliver a company’s message to a large group of people. It is an indispensable marketing tool in import and export business. And if you are in the China import trade, it is highly recommended to exhibit in trade fairs particularly those held in China.


Yoan Rigart Lenisa

Founder & CEO

Aurélien Rigart

Vice-president and Founder

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